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Non-classical crystallisation pathway directly observed for a pharmaceutical crystal via liquid phase electron microscopy

Non-classical crystallisation (NCC) pathways are broadly accepted, nonetheless there’s conflicting proof relating to the intermediate phases of crystallisation, how they manifest and additional turn into crystals. Evidence from direct observations is particularly missing for small natural molecules, as distinguishing these low-electron dense entities from their comparable liquid-phase environment presents signal-to-noise ratio and distinction challenges. Here, Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy (LPEM) […]

Cysts and (oo)cysts are the infective types of parasitic protozoa, as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, that are widespread and related to worldwide waterborne illnesses outbreaks. These microorganisms pose a problem to public well being, as they’re resistant to standard disinfection strategies, which make them essential parameters when evaluating inactivation effectivity. However, when (oo)cysts are targets, it’s difficult to deduce inactivation efficacy, […]