Coronavirus where you live in the UK

There are two ways to use the map: Zoom in and tap your area to see how many cases there are. Or, tap the arrow icon at the top left of the map; A list of all areas in the UK will appear that you can scroll through to see the number of cases.

About the data

The data used in this map comes from health authorities that issue daily updates on the total number of confirmed cases of the virus. This map will be updated every day with the latest figures as we get them from the different authorities.

The data is released by the authorities at different times, so some parts of the map will have been updated with today's figures, while others will continue to show yesterday's figures, as the latest data for that area has yet to be released. .

Last update of map data:

England - December 3 - The way England's case numbers are recorded has changed. Local authority numbers can be a bit imprecise as they could include rapid lateral flow positive cases that are then followed by a negative PCR test within three days, but the number of recently reported cases to local authorities will not be adjusted. to reflect the new case numbers.

Scotland - December 3

Wales - December 3

Northern Ireland - December 3

Jersey - December 3

Guernsey- December 3

Each authority is breaking down the number of confirmed cases in different ways.

In England the local authority is breaking down the number of cases.

In Wales and Scotland, the NHS regional boards are breaking down the cases.

For Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, a global figure is provided for the entire country, with no further breakdown by local authority or location.

For the latest coronavirus news where you live, visit your local ITV News region: