Useful Links

Below are some useful links on the web to companies supplying relevant products and services for fluorescence measurement. Please contact PRS at to add your link to this site or report broken or inappropriate links.

Scientific CCD Cameras
Andor's extensive range of CCD, ICCD, Spectrographs, and X-Ray cameras provide solutions for routine experimentation to highly specialized data acquisition.

Fluorescent probes
Molecular Probes
Suppliers of a very wide range of fluorescent probes and markers. Excellent online information source for fluorescence excitation and emission spectra

Filters and Monochromators
Supplier of a wide range of interference filters for microscopy and spectroscopy. Feature a wide range of probe-specific filter sets.

Delta Light and
Supplier of fluorescence sensors and interference filters for a wide range of fluorescence applications
Fast Image Intensifiers
Huge range of light sources and detectors from photomultipliers to intensified CCD detectors.

Suppliers of a ramge of ultrafast image intensifiers for time-gating and medical imaging applications. Site also contains useful tutorials on high voltage pulse circuitry for intensifier gating.

Suppliers of a range of gated intensified CCD cameras and time gated imaging systems..

Suppliers of specialist image intensifiers CCD cameras and Imaging photon detectors