Time-Gated Cameras

Our Time-Gated Camera systems all feature Cooled CCD camera heads with integrated programmable Camera Gating circuitry, frequency generators, multiple lamp drive output and image-readout stage. To find out more please visit the links below...

Imagex-TGi:Time-Gated CCD Camera for millisecond to microsecond timescales

Imagex-nanoCCD:Time Gated CCD Camera for millisecond to nanosecond timescales

Light Sources

Photonic Research Systems now offers a number of light sources to complement its range of time-gated cameras. To find out more visit the links below

PRS100 Series: Multi-LED modulated Area illuminator in a range of output wavelengths

Pulse300: A complete TTL triggered Xenon flashlamp system rich in UV ideal for Time-gated Imaging of Lanthanides, phosphors and metalloporphyrins in combination with the Imagex-TGi time gated CCD system

Turnkey Systems

Our ‘turnkey’ systems offer complete imaging solutions for selected applications. All Turnkey Systems include Camera, Interface, Light source and Filters. The software for each Turnkey System is optimised to work with its lightsource and is offers the fastest route to a working time-gated imaging setup.

Lanthanide Imaging System: A combination of the Imagex-TGi Time-Gated CCD system and the Pulse300 flashlamp system; ideal for image Europium and Terbium complexes with high sensitivity. The system comes complete with filter adaptor and Microscope lamp mounting for Nikon epifluorescence systems.

Oxygen Imaging System: A combination of the Imagex-TGi Time-Gated CCD system and a pulsed blue, green or UV light source. The system also includes our new Oxygen Imaging software suite for easy calibration of a range of the most common oxygen probes.


Imagex Programming Libraries: To allow you to create your own software for Imagex Camera Systems, Photonic Research Systems now offers a programmers library package for use with Development Languages that can access Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). The Programming libraries allow you to create software in the popular Visual Basic and C++ Development languages