Pulse300 Flashlamp

The Pulse300 Flashlamp system is a standalone xenon flashlamp system which is ideal for use with the Imagex Time-Gated imaging system. The system is rich in short-wavelength ultraviolet and has a pulse length of <5 microseconds. These properties make it the ideal source for excitation of the most common lanthanide labels. (Europium and Terbium Chelates and Cryptates), where you wish to reject high levels of short lifetime background fluorescence.

The System comes complete with a mounting plate for a Nikon Eclipse microscope and we  are happy to quote for other optical mounting solutions. The Pulse 300 flashlamp comes complete with its own high voltage pulsed power supply and is triggered with a standard TTL signal at a maximum frequency of 300Hz.

If you would like more information about the Pulse300 system please visit our downloads page and check out the Pulse300 user manual.