Light Sources

Light Sources

Obviously the light source is a very important component of a Time-Gated Imaging System. A variety of lightsources are suitable for time-gated imaging but it is important the ensure that the specification of the light source matches you specific imaging requirements. Some aspects of the light source to consider include:

  • Wavelength Range
  • Power Output
  • Stability
  • Pulse Properties
  • Optical Properties

Examples of light sources that can be used with the Imagex camera systems include:

  • Nitrogen Lasers
  • Actively Q-Switched Solid State Diode lasers
  • Triggerable Flashlamps
  • Modulated/Pulsed LEDs


Photonic Research Systems currently manufacture a number of lightsources including:

PRS100 Range: UV and visible modulated area illuminators with 50nsec rise/fall time

Pulse300 Flashlamp System: c. Microsecond Pulsed Flashlamp ideal for lanthanide detection.

If you need more information about light sources then please visit the Contact PRS page. We will be happy to advise.