Turnkey Imaging Systems

After many years of experience with time-gated and fluorescence lifetime imaging PRS has assembled a number of ‘off-the-shelf’ Imaging systems which each offer a complete Camera, Lightsource and software solution. These systems offer the user the simplest route into time-resolved imaging.

For more information about our range of Turnkey Time-Gated Camera  please visit the links below...

Lanthanide Imaging System: A millisecond to microsecond time gated imaging system complete with pulsed Xenon flashlamp. Ideal for time-gated imaging of Lanthanide complexes and metalloporphyrins

Oxygen Imaging System: A microsecond time-gated imaging system with high intensity blue LED light source suitable for microscopic and macroscopic imaging of oxygen tension using ruthenium probes.

If you wish to set up a time-resolved imaging system which is not featured here please contact Photonic Research Systems for information on configuring a custom Turnkey System.