The Imagex-TGi CCD system is a solid-state time-gated CCD camera system. It does not use a gated intensifier to implement time-resolution because the time-gating signals are applied directly to the CCD itself. This means that the resolution, noise performance and spectral sensitivity that you experience are those of a cooled CCD camera.
An Image showing the different components of the Imagex-TGi Time-Gated Imaging System-Camera Head, Interface Unit, Software and Manual

Imagex-TGi camera is a completely integrated system with everything you need to achieve millisecond to submicrosecond time-resolution contained within a single compact interface unit. This unit has a single interface connection to the control computer and multiple TTL light control outputs.

The Imagex Software

The Imagex software interface is designed to be both Simple-to-Use and Flexible. The Imagex Time-Gating Control allows the user to change Lamp Pulse Rate, Lamp Pulse Width, Gate Delay and Gate Width directly from the software interface. These parameters are represented by a graphical key which allows you to monitor the relationship between the gating parameters and the lamp repetition period in real time.
An Image showing the Time-Gating Control component of the Imagex Software Interface. It shows The Gate Width, Delay, Lamp Width and Frequency Controls together with Ungated and Dark Image Controls
Imagex has 16 individually-programmable ‘Image Banks’. You can use different gating parameters and frequencies for each bank and because you have 5 individually addressable light source triggers you can also have different light source combinations for each bank.

Automated Time-Gated Imaging
The Imagex MultiExpose and Script features help you to automate the process of collecting a series of time-gated images. The Imagex MultiExpose feature allows you to collect a series of images with a single mouse click. You can choose which of the 16 Image Banks you wish to include in the MultiExpose sequence and then to collect the images you just click on the MultiExpose button...
An image showing the Imaging Commands Control component of the Imagex software interface. This shows how images can be included in the multiexpose sequence.
Because each bank can have its own gating parameter this powerful feature allows you to conduct complex time-resolved measurements with ease.

Multiple Light Source Capability

The Imagex Interface Unit has 5 individually programmable Light source triggers. The Imagex software lets you trigger a different combination of light sources for each image bank

This means that you can set up an imaging system which is suitable for measuring several species in parallel, an important consideration for multiplexed detection.

Capture, Process and Store...Automatically
After you have captured your multi-expose sequence you can optionally run a ‘Script’. The Script Editor allows you to automatically apply a set of Inter-Image Mathematical functions to your images before displaying and/or saving to disk.

The Script Editor has an intuitive graphical interface which allows you to quickly automate complex arithmetic routines. In addition, you can also trigger up to 500 image capture events which can then automatically be saved to disk.

Inside the Imagex Interface Unit...
The Imagex-TGi interface unit controls both the camera head and up to 5 light sources. It features a built-in programmable frequency generator, multichannel pulse generator (for camera gating and lightsource triggering), CCD readout electronics and stabilized power supplies.
A schematic image showing the connections between the Imagex Interface Unit, the control computer the Camera head and the light sources

The Imagex software programs the Interface Unit to generate modulation pulses for CCD gating and trigger pulses for the lightsource control. Up to 5 light sources can be attached which can either be ON:OFF triggered (e.g. LEDs, AOM lasers) or edge triggered (e.g. flashlamps, pulsed lasers). The Interface Unit controls both the delay between camera and lightsource and the repetition rate of the gating process from 10Hz to 100kHz (Other frequency ranges can be specified).

The Imagex Camera Head

The Imagex Camera head is a cooled CCD detector with double antireflection windows. The camera head has an on-board 14-bit CDS (correlated double sampling) digitization system and is fitted with an industry-standard C-Mount video adapter allowing it to be used with a range of optical systems including standard video lenses and microscope camera ports. The Imagex camera body also features a standard Tripod mounting block allowing it to be used for widefield environmental imaging and remote sensing.

Imagex-TGi CCD Specifications

CCD Resolution

752 by 582 pixels

CCD cooling

40 deg C below ambient fan-assisted Triple Peltier

CCD chip size/type

2/3 inch microlens-based interline transfer

Digitisation System

14 bits per pixel with correlated double sampli