An Investigation of Intraspecific Variations

Cynoglossusmonopus, a small benthic fish, belongs to Cynoglossidae, Pleuronectiformes. It was not normally studied due to its low abundance and cryptic lifestyle. With the intention of knowing the mitochondrial genome and the phylogeny in Cynoglossidae, the entire mitogenome of C. monopus has been sequenced and analyzed for the first time. The full dimension is 16,425 bp, and it typically contains 37 genes with novel genetic rearrangements.


The tRNA-Gln gene reverses from sunlight to the heavy strand and translocates from downstream of the tRNA-Ile gene to its upstream. The delivery site (CR) was translocated downstream to end three of the ND1 gene adjacent to inverted tRNA-Gln and left a 24 bphint fragment within the actual site.


The phylogenetic wood had been reconstructed by Bayesian inference (BI) and higher probability (ML) strategies based entirely on the mitogenomic data of 32 species of sole and two external groups. The results support the concept that Cynoglossidae is a monophyletic group and rank that C. monopus has the closest phylogenetic relationship with C. puncticeps.


By combining fossil data and mitogenome data, the time-calibrated evolutionary tree of households Cynoglossidae and Soleidae was provided first, and it was indicated that Cynoglossidae and Soleidae had differentiated from each other by means of the Paleogene and the evolutionary technique of Cynoglossidae. domestic. covered the Quaternary, Neogene, and Paleogene durations.